Color’n Black Theme

Each element has its own layer, so it’s very easy to customize and fit to your project needs.

The fonts used in this theme are Swiss Thin and Swiss Medium. You can find the Swiss family of fonts here –

If you don’t have Swiss, you can try using Helvetica which has a similar look and feel. Helvetica Neue comes with thin, heavy etc. Otherwise you can try finding similar styled fonts that are freely available like District Thin –

See the screenshots.

One thought on “Color’n Black Theme

  1. Olá Domenico, você é brasileiro? andei visitando seus Players no Active Den, e gostaria de fazer um projeto com você, me responde pelo email… Obrigado…

    Hello Domenico, you are Brazilian? I’ve been visiting her in Active Den, and I want to do a project player audio and video youtube with you, answer me by email … Thanks

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